17 GOALS FOR 2017


Going back to my (2016 goals), I could say that 90% was achieved.

Wondering what’s that 10%? Well, it was sleeping early! Oh men, I’ve been so addicted/obsessed on creating good contents for my social media plaforms. Since I could only work after office hours I had no choice but to work at night. Thus, sleep deprivation was inevitable!

But let’s look on the bright side — 7 out of 8 goals was achieved! Woot! Woot! Woot!

Enough of 2016! Now, it’s about the year of the rooster. And since it’s year 2017 I will be listing my 17 #goals

1. Study.

I don’t want to limit myself with what I only know. So I plan to enroll myself in a Basic Sewing course and continue my Burmese Class (Level 2) as well.

2. Help Dennis get fit.

Before 2016 ended, my travel buddy — Dennis had some health issues. He was diagnosed with DM and Hypertension. It was really bothering but atleast it was detected before complications could occur. So my goal is to help him get fit by modifying his lifestyle thru diet and exercise.Thus, we could travel the world conveniently.

3. Expand OOTDMYANMAR into an Online Fashion Magazine.

This is a crazy ride that I’m ready to hop on.

4. Create good contents on my social media.

While we were boarding from Yangon to Kuala Lumpur, my eldest brother and sister bullied me on my grammar. Ha, ha, ha. I had the excuse that as long as they understand what I’d say it would be enough. But contemplating on that event — I really need to take care of my English. I wasn’t discouraged but I was inspired! I said to myself that inorder to be a successful blogger, my contents should be relevant and crafted meticulously

5. Be more patient and efficient at my full-time job.

Stress is inevitable. And due to that — at times I just want to broaden my horizons. But I have realized that being a Creative Assistant would continuously help me be the person who I want to be in the future.

6. Get more fit!

My weight goal is 49-50 kg. This would be the best weight to attain my ideal BMI.

7. Improve products and customer service for OOTDMYANMARSTORE.

Since I’m a one-man-team I often neglect some issues unintentionally. This year, I plan to collaborate with indiviuals who could help me resolve those issues. Last but not the least is listen to the requests of my customers.

8. Travel more

This was on my list last year! I’m including it again.Why? I consider traveling a beautiful experience in life.

Hopefully we could visit Indonesia and Brunei to complete the list of ASEAN countries.

9. Shop wisely.

I have atleast 6-7 boxes of clothes that I don’t use anymore. I don’t give them away because I’m planning to open my shop soon. Since some of the pieces weren’t of good quality, they were destroyed inside the storage box. On that note, quality is now an essential when shopping.

10. Learn to drive a bicycle.

This would help us with our travel escapades.

11. Sleep early by limiting social media    

With the help of Moment app, I would try to limit my phone usage to 2-3 hours a day.

12. Save by using money wisely.

13. Read atleast 1-3 book/s per month.

I’m happy to say that we have bought atleast 20+ books here in the Philippines. I’m guessing that these books would eat up most of our luggage weight. But who cares? Reading is a good investment — I’m happy that I have come to love reading.

14. Love myself more.

Sometimes I would hate myself because I can’t be that person I want to be. Accepting the fact that flaws are normal is on my list this year!

15. Eat healthier

Lesser sweets, carbs, oils and fats. More to fresh fruits and vegetables!

16. Know how to be thankful

I would give gratitude to every individual regardless of their status and the goodness they impart on me.

17. Less Hate & Stay Humble

There are certain individuals that I couldn’t get along with or wouldn’t like me. Well, I’ll forget and learn to ignore them so I could move on with my life.

We are all created equally and keeping my feet on the ground would be a good reminder of that.15991904_10153995641386058_195549652_o.jpgP.S. While I was trying to finish this blog I saw my sister’s resolutions on her notebook and it inspired me! So yes, I have to confess I copied some of her resolutions — ha, ha, ha!

For you, what is/are your resolution/s for the year? Let me know, just write them on the comment below! =)

That’s it!



Photos Credits to @luigijohnc

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