Denim jacket is a staple clothing that you must have in your closet. Because over the years, it has been proving its worth. Luxury designers and top brands have been sporting this trend. Modifying it thru it’s color, length and even texture! Denim jackets are indeed – timeless!

Now it’s summer, and yet denim jackets are still on the rise. The question is — how will you make your denim jacket stand-out?

Well, here is a DIY project I made — hopefully it can inspire you to modify your old denim jacket.

Materials you will need:
1. Old Denim Jacket
2. Patches
3. Acrylic Paint
3. Paint Brush
4. Stencil
5. Thread and needle
6. Scissors
7. Buttons

My simple steps are just to cut, sew and paint.

I decided to add bright colors to my denim jacket because colors gets easy attention!

Moreover play of words conveys a statement without you talking.

My denim jacket is ready to rock!

Now, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your denims! And make sure not to limit your creativity!

Don’t forget to tag me @joamarjohn because I’m excited to see your DIY denim jackets!

That’s it!

Photo & Videography Credits to J.Dennis & Me

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