I have been drinking mojito for quite sometime and I have fallen inlove with it. Here in Yangon, mojitos are a bit pricey especially on high-end pubs. My solution? Make my own mojito!

I have created a video blog of my DIY mojito at

But if your internet is not cooperating with you —- I have written the easy steps here.tumblr_inline_o6p60zppfr1rtynyz_500

What you need?

1. Honey or sugar

2. Lemon

3. Mint Leaves

4. Ice Cubes

5. A tall glass

6. Isotonic drink

7. A rum of your choice

8. Mortar and pestle

9. A guide

 Easy Steps

1. Put the mint into the glass.tumblr_inline_o6p6193s851rtynyz_500

2. Add a teaspoon of honey.tumblr_inline_o6p61l9q8u1rtynyz_500

3. Squeeze the lemon.        

4. Crush the mint using the mortar and pestle. Then, stir thoroughly.

5. Put some ice.                                                                 6. Pour some rum.                                                             7. Then, pour isotonic drink until glass is full.                                               8. Flavor some lemon and mint.                                                9. Stir well!                                                                      Enjoy, cheers!                                                                           Any suggestion on my next DIY? Comment below. =)

That’s it!





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