Travelling to Camodia from Bangkok is quite cheap — if not via plane.  It would cost you atleast 20-30 USD. But it would actually take you at least 12-14 hours to reach Siam Reap. You would ride all sorts of land transportation from train, tuk tuk and buses. But if you have the time and your on a budget I think it’s quite the travel.

We woke up really early because the first trip going to Aranyaprathet (border of Cambodia and Thailand) leaves around 5:55AM. The next and final trip is at 1PM.

So here are the photos along the way when via train.

It took us  at least 6 hours to reach the border.

 Then we paid at least 3USD for Tuk Tuk going to the Immigration of Thailand and Cambodia.

You would go to Thailand’s Immigration first then Cambodia. Mind you, there are scammers who would ask you money so you’d be prioritized, IGNORE them.  For ASEANs like Philippines you don’t have to pay anything. After the grueling line there will be a free shuttle bus that would take you the bus station going to Siam Reap.

Buses actually costs 10USD. It had 2 stopovers and took us at least 4 hours to reach Siam Reap.

After reaching Siam Reap, we just rested in a while then walked around to explore and eat dinner,

That’s for the first day. Stay tweaked for the Angkor Wat post! =)

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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