Our last day in Chaing Mai gave us an A1 adventure.

First on our itinerary was the orchid farm. Here, orchids and butterflies were plenty. The ambience was relaxing.



Then, our next pit stop (feeling Amazing Race lang) was the Mae Sa Elephant Camp. We already rode and watched countless elephants shows in Thailand. But each time we do it, it’s always a different experience for us.


I always enjoy riding elephants because I feel like an ancient king — but without the mandatory royal costume. Ha, ha, ha.


The last was my favorite — the Flying Squirrels. This facility has 17 ziplines, 1 abseil, 6 walking steps, 2 climbing nets, 2 sky bridges, 1 tarzan jump, 1 skateboard, and 2 signature activities (bicycle and 5-meter slider). That’s a total of 32 stations!


Right in the middle of our seemingly crazy adventure, the rain poured. We had no choice but to proceed. The biggest challenge was keeping our DSLR from getting wet. Then, we had to bear the insect bites. Yikes! But, in the end, it was a fun, exhilarating experience.

Video link of our biplane experience:


Then, we went around the pagodas near our hotel to end our day. Can’t wait to see Chiang Mai again, soon!


That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis


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