After spending 1 week in the Philippines, Dennis and I decided to celebrate New Year in Phuket. We’ve been to countless places in Thailand like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phattaya but we never been to Phuket. And we’ve heard so much from it’s beautiful beaches. So that was quite our reason for going there.  So here’s our photo diary for our first 3 days :

We didn’t have a direct flight so we needed to go to Bangkok first from Manila.image

PS. I will miss you Philippines, see you soon!image

We only had 2 hours of waiting time before we fly from Bangkok to Phuket. Dennis was so stressed of the time but as for me — I needed to be the one who’s calm so there is balance.image

I told you! We’re just on time! See you Phuket in 1.5 hours!image

Finally we arrived! We needed to be in Patong Area and it was 40 minutes away from the Airport without traffic. So we opted for a mini-van service. It took us atleast an hour to start traveling since it was peak season.  I just made a way for us to get in the van using my charm, ha, ha, ha.


It was super late when we arrived in Chic Boutique Hotel. We just checked in our stuff before we ate dinner. But because our room was so beautiful with it’s floral themed look. I felt so relaxed.


Then after few minutes we decided to eat dinner.image


Then slept so long  because we were traveling the whole day. We woke up at 11 AM, ate breakfast and just decided to slack off.image

Then by 7PM we started to explore the area. So we just walked to Patong Beach for about 20-25 minutes, which was a good cardio exercise.imageimage

Then ate our last dinner for the 2015.image

By 10 PM we bought drinks and some snacks then went to the beach,while we wait for New Year.


P.S. I was the one who insisted to wear those Happy New Year head pieces! Ha, ha, ha.image

A lot of fireworks, loud music, lantern lighting and people dancing around.imageimageimage

When 12AM came a lot of people were jumping, dancing, drinking and taking photos — including me. Ha, ha, ha.

Then this was the blissful chaos when we went back towards the our hotel.

We came home by 1:30 and slept.


We woke up by 11AM and decided to eat breakfast and then slacked off —- again.

We decided to just watch a movie for the 1st of January.  So we walked to the central area ate at our favorite restaurant in Thailand —-Jeffers!

We watched Star Wars which was my first time for this film — ha, ha, ha,

Stay tuned for our 3rd day in Phuket! It’s more picturesque.

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis & Me

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