Our Disneyland stint exhausted our energy. So, on our second day, we started a little bit late. We woke up a lit bit late before we charted to our adventure.

We booked for a city tour.

The city tour included the following highlights

(10:30 A.M.) This was the view from our hotel room. Before eating, we went online and booked our city tour.

(11:27 A.M.) We had our brunch at Yumai — our favorite restaurant near our hotel. Dennis ordered meat and I relished the fish.

(12:00P.M.) We took the MTR to reach Excelsior Hotel. That’s our pick up point.

(12:35 P.M.)Excelsior Hotel was 10 minutes away from the MTR.

(12:45 P.M.)Our tour guide finally arrived. And guess what? We learned the good news. Only two of us booked the city tour so we had the bus on our own.

The tour started.

(1:10 P.M.) First stop was the Victoria Peak. It was 428 meters above sea level.

We enjoyed the gorgeous, panoramic view of the harbor and the neighboring islands.

This area houses some of the most expensive residences around the world.

(2:08 P.M.) Then, we went to the Aberdeen Fishing Village.

We saw boat people!

The number of boat people seemed to be dwindling nowadays. Why? The younger generation preferred to stay in the city.

This area was the home to two famous floating restaurants, namely: the Jumbo and the Tai Pak. Both were inspired by Chinese imperial palaces. By the way, one of the floating restaurants is owned by one of the richest men in Hong Kong.

(2:54 P.M.) We visited a jewelry shop. Not our thing! =)

(3:21 P.M.) Our last stop was Stanley Market.  The beachfront showcased an endless string of souvenir shops.

The scenic spots were amazing.

(6:25 P.M.)We rode the bus and returned to out hotel.

We went back to out hotel via bus. We again had dinner at our favorite restaurant Yumai!

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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