If Singapore has Universal Studios, Bangkok has Dream World, and the Philippines has Enchanted Kingdom, Hong Kong has Disneyland.  And as they say, this is where happy people should ought to go!

Located in Penny’s BayLantau Island, Hong Kong’s Disneyland consists of seven themed areas: Main Street, U.S.A.Fantasyland, Adventure LandTomorrowlandGrizzly GulchMystic Point, and Toy Story Land.

Each themed park definitely brought back some of our happy childhood memories.

Hong Kong’s Disneyland made us feel young at heart — again!

(7:00 A.M.) With only few hours of sleep and cups of noodles for breakfast, we headed to Disneyland. The train station was just 10 minutes away from our hotel.

I was thankful. Dennis has photographic memory. He readily memorized routes and understood maps. So, we never got lost!

MTR was definitely cheaper and faster. We boarded at Hong Kong University Station. Then, we got off at Central Hong Kong and transferred to Sunny Bay. That brought us straight up to Disneyland Resort.

(8:34 A.M.) The train to Disneyland was ‘personalized’! The train was fully decorated — so Mickey Mouse was all over.

Kids were really excited. Some even wore ootds featuring Disney characters.

(8:42 A.M.) We arrived at Disneyland. P.S. It’s Dennis’s birthday.

(9:37 A.M.) After a grueling queue to get the tickets, we finally stepped into Disneyland.

We took the cute train to go around the area.

Then, we explored Main Street. Most of the rides were for kids.

Who drew better?

We had photo opportunity with one of the ‘Inside Out’ characters. We didn’t know about the character until we reached Baguio. My sister told me about the movie and the characters. Ha, ha.

Shops, shops, shops.

P.S. We were kids again — so it’s our excuse! =)

(12:00 P.M.) We had our lunch at Main Street. The prices were too much!

(12:41 P.M.) Our next stops were Adventure Land and Grizzly Gulch. These theme parks provided adventure. We enjoyed the overall vibe there.  There were a lot of people so we only chose what we liked.

Tarzan’s place.

The Big Grizzley Mountain was superb. It was a cowboy inspired roller coaster ride. However, lining up was too tiring!

(2:00 P.M.) Mystique Land was perfect. Mystique Manor should not be missed. It gave a mystique experience. Naks!

(2:30 P.M.) We watched the Lion King’s performance. We felt as if we were watching Showtime or Eat Bulaga — it was a crowd pleaser. The stage was huge. The production was energetic and entertaining.

(3:58 P.M.) We explored the Toy Story Land. We tried the kiddy ride. The parachute ride was too scary for me. Ha, ha.

(5:04 P.M.) We saw a funny 3D film.

Then, we rode the carousel.

(6:00 P.M.) We reached Tomorrow Land’s Space Mountain. It was a ‘dark’ roller coaster ride. It was safer compared to those outdoor roller coasters.

(6:30 P.M.) Then, it was time for the Street Parade. It was bonga. Amazing!

(7:54 P.M.) We got back at our hotel area. We chose to eat in a Hong Kong traditional restaurant.

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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