Ever since I was a kid we were always tasked to fulfill our ‘Christian responsibility’. That is to act one and attend the church. For me, going to the church is not entirely asking help from God. It is also conversing with him where you can just say everything to him and feel great afterwards.

Eversince I was young my family was a devotee of Our Lady of Manaoag Church located in Manaoag (duh!) near Dagupan. So most of our Sundays, we would have 2-4 hours drive from Baguio just to attend this church. I always ask guidance from this church —- for every graduation, to family matters, to my nursing licensure exam, to love life and my career as well. All of my prayers were somehow answered. So everytime I go back to the Philippines I always make sure to visit this Church no matter how tight my schedule is. So last December I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Our Lady of Manaoag Church, so I will be sharing my photo diary:


After we went to the church; we went to this sea food restaurant that the old people from our family just love to go to. I remember when we were kids my brothers and I were just so pissed off because we wanted to eat at Mc Donald or Jollibee —- so we would order expensive drinks and food from Silverios to get our revenge. But when I went back this time, I knew why they love to eat in this place. Enjoy the photos!

That’s it!



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