When I was young – – er, I was the type who simply loved to stay at home, to watch TV shows, to check out the web, or just —– to sleep. But, that was before. When I had the chance to visit Batanes three years ago, I started — to dream.

That dream was — to travel. With my family and my beloved.

Then, when I worked in Yangon, I wanted my family to experience to travel abroad. It took us at least two years to realize that dream but everything turned out well.

Here’s our Palawan Photo Diary (Day 1):

P.S.  My brothers didn’t get the chance to join us. They had to work. It sucked but I’m sure we would be all going on a trip soon. He, he, he.

We woke up early for our flight. Before boarding, we took some photos.


In less than two hours, we touched down in Puerto Princesa.


We rested for a few hours at the hotel before we went out.


Our first activity was a city tour.


Our first stop was in Plaza Cuartel, the defense quarter of the American army.


Then, beside was an old cathedral. It looked like the Pink Sisters in Baguio. =)


Then, we headed to a crocodile farm.


Our last destination for the day was the Baker’s Hill. Inside the Hill was a park, decorated with statues. The park was also perfect for picnics.


This is where they sell Palawan’s famous ‘hopias’. My favorite was the ube. He, he, he


We ended our night with a dinner at the Bayview side.


More travel photos on DAY 2 and 3 of Palawan! =)

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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