Our second day was spent in Palawan’s natural heritage site, ‘The Underground River’.


From our hotel, we drove to the port site. That’s for about an hour. Then, we waited for at least an hour for our tour guide to coordinate everything. While waiting, we took some of these awesome photos.

Finally, the long wait was over! He, he.

To get the underground river, we had to ride a boat. But, we didn’t mind it. The scenery along the way was breathtaking.

After the boat ride, we trekked into the forest. Some monkeys and lizards caught our fancy!

Again, we had to wait for our turn. We had the chance to take some photos again.

Then, it was our turn!

We were not able to take a lot of photos inside the cave. We wanted to feel the ‘moment’. So, we simply relished what was before us.

After the underground river experience, we had a buffet lunch. We forgot our diet!

Our day ended at the Bay View. It was just a walking distance from our hotel. And voila, we ate again!

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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