Our last day in Palawan was definitely my favorite. We had the chance to see three islands — yes, just in one day. Could you imagine that?

Our tour package was aptly labeled as ‘Honda Bay Island Hoping’. And, indeed, it was a worthwhile adventure!

Please be warned. This post is definitely longer. Palawan is inarguably photogenic. So, trimming down the list of photos was a tough challenge.

Similar to the underground river tour, we got to the port area first. We noticed that the tour was well organized.


Our first destination was the Star Fish Island. And we were not disappointed.


Snorkeling was fun but we had no photos. We had no waterproof camera. But, anyway, fond memories would always be in our hearts. LOL!


After an hour, we headed to our next destination— the Luli Island. We ate there. The food was so good!  It’s so cool because we ate inside a hut — in the middle of the water. So, while eating, we literally felt the clean and rejuvenating water.


Our last destination was Courie Island. I won’t forget this island because, here, our DSLR fell into the water. Instantly, our DSLR was — dead. Grrrr.


Palawan’s beaches are so picturesque. I hope that when we go back to this place again, the beaches would remain as beautiful as they are now.

Thanks, Palawan!

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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