Last April, we decided to visit Penang for a few days. That’s right after we celebrated the Water Festival in Yangon.

We flew directly from Yangon to Penang.

Penang is located in the Northwest coast of Malaysia.

For this trip, we had a walking tour and took time to see the sights.

During our three-day stay in Penang, we focused on Georgetown. Our goal was to have photos with the street art installations. So we literally walked, walked, and walked — to find all of them. Our feet got bruises but it was all worth it. Why?

Here is our Day 1 Photo Diary:

Penang was only two hours away from Yangon

We stayed in Hotel Royal Penang in Georgetown.

This was the awesome view from our hotel


After an hour of rest, we explored the area. It was already 6PM but the sun was still up!


After buying some supplies, we had dinner and slept early.


All shops were almost closed so we ate at KFC.


On Day 2, we set our goal — to find the 18 street art installations listed in the Penang Tourist Map. And we got all of them!

Here is our Day 2 Photo Diary:




There were also 52 steel rods but we didn’t try to look for all of them.


Along the way, we ate and took some photos.


We also checked out the Wonderfood Museum.  CLICK ME for a full story on Wonderfood Museum.

Here were the 19 murals we found.=) 

This was the first street art we saw.

This was a crowd favorite.

These were street arts we saw along the way. We didn’t realize that they were not part of the list. Ha, ha, ha. 

It took us at least an hour to look for this tiny street art. =)

Jet Li is fading but at least we saw him.

We trespassed just to take this shot. That’s the honest truth! Ha, ha, ha. 

We waited at least 20 minutes to get this photo. P.S. This is the most famous street art in Georgetown. =)

I’ll be blogging Penang Days 3 & 4 in a bit.

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis & Me

Camera used: iPhone 6Plus & Canon 70D

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