Our travel to Pyin Oo Lwin and Mandalay was actually unplanned. We booked our bus tickets the day before we travelled. It was difficult to book bus tickets on our preffered date because it was a holiday. But thanks to my charm and basic Bumese language we were able to get round trip tickets!

We travelled to Mandalay from Yangon via VIP bus and it costs around 18USD each. The regular bus costs around 8 USD. It had at least 3 stops but since we came straight from a 9-7PM class we slept the entire time and just woke up when there’s a bus stop.

Our trip started at 930PM and we arrived Mandalay at 7AM.

Thanks to google map! From the bus station we just walked to our hotel, which we booked thru Agoda while on the bus.

The view from our window.

After resting for few hours we walked around the City.

Then ate lunch at a mall.

Then, continued walking and asked options on how to go to Pyin Oo Lwin which is a scenic hill town in Mandalay Divisionand located in the Shan Highland.

After weighing our options we just decided to hire a taxi. We were charged 40,000 KS at first but we bargained and he gave it to us for 35,000KS. P.S. But we ended giving him 45,000KS because he was a nice driver.

Our trip started at 11:45 and after 2 hours of bumpy and mountainous ride. We finally arrived in Pyin Oo Lwin —we first went to National Kandawygyi Garden. The entrance was 12,000 KS for two.

 National Kandawgyi Garden has an area of 382.46 acres and has different areas. Since we had limited time we only went to the National Kandawygi Gardens, Nan Myint Tower and Orchid Garden & Museum.

This Garden is totally a combination of Burnham Park and Camp John Hay in my hometown.

Anyways, enjoy the photos:

We left this beautiful place after 2 hours. Then went to the market for some shopping. I Specifically  bought their knitted sweaters.

We arrived back in Mandalay by 6PM, ate luch and rested — as for me? I submerged my self on the hot tub and read a book while drinking wine.

That’s it!

Photos Credits to J.Dennis & Me

Stay tuned for Mandalay Day 2.

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