Most of the ASEAN countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos celebrate their New Year / Water Festival on the 3rd week of April. For Myanmar they call it ‘Thingyan’, Cambodia ‘Khmer New Year’ and in Thailand ‘Songkran Festival’. For the other countries I’m not yet aware, sorry. He, he, he.

They consider wetting and getting wet as a sign of cleansing and blessing. Last year we were lucky enough to celebrate Water Festival in Myanmar. So this year we tried Songkran Festival.

We were in Bangkok for 5 days. For the first 2 days — before the actual holiday we went around Bangkok to shop.

My thing, wink!

We went to Chatuchak & Siam!

We also watched Fast & Furious 7. It made me cry, especially the last song!

For the next days — which was the hype of the festival. We went to Silohm and Asok to be literally wet. We intentionally spent our days in Thailand first. Because ‘holiday’ in Bangkok seem no holiday for the shops. Compared to Vietnam and Cambodia. Before I share those travelogues I want to show our visual photos for Songkran Festival. Hope you enjoy!

My essentials.

The Koreans!

The Selfies!

The Lovers!

More water fun!

Look who I saw! Tim Yap!

We didn’t want to get wet at Asok! =p

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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