Travelling by air, whether it’s a direct flight or just in transit, usually eats up the whole day. First, check in time is at least three hours before flight. Then, lining up in the immigration takes up so much time. Afterwards, passing the security check and boarding are time-consuming as well. Consider yourself lucky when you’re not lost in the airport or your flight isn’t delayed.


But, of course, despite the hassles, travelling by air always promises a beautiful experience. Here’s a practical tip. When you travel, allotting two extra days is always beneficial. You need a day to go to your destination and another day, to return home.

Now, let’s go to our Hong Kong travel diary:

We safely arrived at Yangon International Airport despite the heavy traffic. It only took us 30 minutes to check in and pass through the immigration. It helped that we were knew our way around.

P.S. We woke up at 6AM just to be on time for our 10AM flight.

(10:20 AM) Our plane left Yangon.

(14:45 PM) We arrived in Bangkok for transit. We only had less than two hours to process everything.

P.S. Bangkok time is 30 minutes ahead of Yangon’s.

(16:20 PM)  Our plane left Bangkok. Our flight was delayed for almost half an hour.

P.S. Hong Kong time is the same in the Philippines.

Thai Airways always serve amazing dishes, especially their salads!

(19:45 PM) Yes, we finally arrived in Hong Kong! But the airport was just so complicated for us. It took us at least an hour to get out of the airport.

We had to check out our baggage, buy a SIM card, exchange money, and get an Octopus Card (it’s a Hong Kong cash card used to pay the MTR, bus, and some shops like 7-11).

(21:00 PM) We took the bus the get to our hotel. Hong Kong transportation was so impressive. In less than five minutes, we were already on our way.

(21:45 PM) Because we were so tired, we fell asleep. Because of that, we missed our station. As a result, we have to walk back — carrying our heavy bags!

 P.S. Did we look tired?

(22:10 PM) It took us about half an hour to reach our hotel. Ironically, it was just three minutes away from the station that we missed.

P.S. We were carrying 2 big bags, 40 kg in total. Plus 2 trolley bags, 4kg each. And a 15-kg big bag.

All in all, that’s 63 kg. That’s quite heavier than my actual weight.

(22:20 PM) We checked in at Rhamada Hotel. Based on Hong Kong standards, the Rhamada rates were comparatively cheap. But, you see, US$80 per night was the most expensive accommodation we ever had. And that didn’t breakfast at all.

(23:00 PM) After fixing our stuff, we bought some supplies at 7-11. It was just 5 minutes away from our hotel. And, oh my, Hong Kong was, indeed, very expensive!

(24:00 MN) We were literally travelling the whole day and finally we got the chance to rest! But, of course, I did not forget Dennis’s birthday.

My next blog is about our first day in Hong Kong — Disneyland! Stay tuned!

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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