My skin is my body’s most sensitive part. I easily get allergies from food, weather, and so on.

Since I figured out some easy ways to prevent my allergens, now, I have the time to fully take care of my skin — especially my face.

It may sound less manly to talk about skin products but lets face it — facial care is essential for guys.

So in this blog, I would be sharing how I take care of my face. I may not have the time to do all of these steps everyday but I perform this regimen at least once a week.


1. I apply a deep cleansing nose pore strip. The secret to this is washing my nose and making it less oily. Then, I wet my nose — making sure that my hands are dry when I put the nose pore strip so it sticks well.2

2. I place an eye patch. I do them separately, if I have time. But since I’m on a tight schedule, I do them at the same time.3.jpg

3. I wait for about 10-15 minutes.4

4. I rinse my face.5.jpg

I usually hear an advice — to shave after a hot shower. Well, since, I’m not into hot shower (you see, I’m a Baguio boy), I usually just wash my face — with hot water. That’s a practical alternative, don’t you think?

5. I apply shaving cream. It makes shaving easier. So, don’t get lazy.6

6. I shave.7.jpg

7. I have my cold shower.8

8. I apply Garnier Turbo Light. This prevents my face from getting oily and it also whitens my face.9.jpg

9. I rinse my face. Then, I place a facial scrub, to exfoliate my facial skin. I only use scrub when I shave.10

10. I rinse my face again. Then, I put Clinique’s charcoal face wash. That hydrates my skin.11

11. I dry my face. I just tap my towel so my skin isn’t damaged.12

12. I do my teeth regimen next so that my face would be able to breath for a while. I floss.13

13. I brush my teeth for 2-4 minutes.14

14. I gargle with a mouthwash for 30-45 seconds.15

15. I apply an anti-age eye cream. This product is a bit costly but its effective for me! This product helps you hydrate your eyebags and it protects it from the sun.16

16. I place an after-shave cream.17

17. And finally, I apply moisturizer to prevent my face from drying.18

19Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have been using most of these products for years now and somehow, they work well with my face and body skin. This regimen may also vary, depending on your skin type.

How about you? How do you take care of your face and body skin? Please comment below. Maybe, your suggestion may work for me, too.

That’s it! Keep your face and skin healthy!



Photos by J. DENNIS

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