Well, I have to admit this — when it comes to my stuff, I’m a bit OC (obsessive compulsive). I want everything to be in order. So, for this blog, I wish to share some of the things that would keep my 2017 activities on track.

Ready? Let’s begin.


1. 2017 Planner from Mt. Cloud Bookstore in Baguio

Price:  PhP 495 (US$ 9 /MMK 9,000)

You would definely love the ‘wit’ of this planner (kahit hindi ka na single — like me).

2. Small notebook from Moshi Moshi

Price:  PhP 30 (US$ 1/MMK 1,000)

Perfect for my random thoughts!

3. Things-to-do note pad from Mt. Cloud

Price: PhP 70 (US$ 2/MMK 2,000)

Reminders are made easy!

4. G-tech pens from Pilot

Price:  PhP 70 (US$ 2/MMK 2,000)

.03 is the best for me. I’ve been using this since high school!


5. Lunch box from Moshi Moshi

Price: PhP 70 (US$ 2 /MMK 2,000)

This carries our chargers and other electronic gadgets.


 6. Digital weighing scale

Price:  A present we got from our Yangon Christmas party

No more worries of having excess baggage!


7. Small luch box from Moshi Moshi

Price:  PhP 50 (US$ 1/MMK 1,000)

This takes care of our medicines.


8. Wallet organizer from Filed

Price:  A gift from my brother

This keeps our ATM and debit cards.


9. Travel document organizer

Price: A Christmas present from Ms. Cecil

This holds our stay permits, airline tickets, and boarding passes.

Comments are welcome and encouraged. You may share your own ideas on how to organize your stuff. You may also raise some questions.


That’s it!




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