I’ve been so unease for the past days because I have been trying to accomplish stuff on a  given deadline.

So, to lessen that feeling — blogging is my answer.

This time, a travel post is necessary because I haven’t blogged on this segment for months.

My travel blog today is about Yangon!

Why Yangon?

I’ve been staying here for almost 5 years — even longer than my stay in Manila. Since I feel safer in Yangon compared to Manila — I have less hesitation in exploring the City.

So I will rundown the best things you could do in Yangon.

1. Eat mohinga and Shan noodles. Most of the Myanmar restaurants and tea shops here in Yangon have these on their menu. At first I didn’t dare to taste these dishes. But I have come to love it! They’re worth the taste, I promise! P.S. Most of the teashops here serves free tea!2.jpg

2. Visit Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s not just because it’s biggest pagoda in Yangon. Rather, there is just something compelling going in this place.3.jpg

3.Eat in 19th street a.k.a. China Town. Most of the rich kids/people in I know in Yangon doesn’t like to dine in this place. They always advise me that the food is not clean. I respect that and I’m grateful for their concern. But the thing is — it’s a one-of-a-kind affordable dining experience for me. You can also indulge yourself with mojitos!4.jpg

4.Check Bogyoke Market. Bogyoke is not just about buying souvenirs for you to give your family and friends. It’s also a place to eat, observe prople and shop for yourself.5.jpg

5. Mojito Overload. There a lot of places in Yangon for you to drink mojito. From the most expensive to the affordable ones. My favorite is strawberry mojito in 19th Street.6.jpg

6. Watch the sunrise and sunset. It’s always a beautiful view!7.jpg

7. Ride a trishaw. Feel like a king, lol!l.jpg

8. Take a lot of instagram worthy photos. Yangon is photo perfect in almost every angle.8.jpg

For you, what do you enjoy in your City? I would love to hear them!

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis & Me

Camera used: iPhone 6Plus & Canon 70D

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