While I take a short rest from packing our stuff, I’d like to just drink my matcha tea while I contemplate on the things I’m thankful for the past 2 weeks. Let’s begin!

1. After the exploring the tourist attractions in Tokyo, we decided to unearth some of Tokyo’s unusual places.  From museums, streets, parks, zoos and —- onsens.



2. I was able to meet my grandmother and grandfather who are based in Japan. It was my first time to actually see them. They were so nice to us.


3. Thanks to Resty, we were able to enjoy Tokyo and save money from the expensive hotels. =)


4. Our flights from Tokyo to Bangkok to Yangon were safe.


5. We enjoyed Bangkok even just for a few days. Shopping was a must! He, he, he.


6. Dennis and I purchased fitbit because we are finally going back to living healthy.


7. We returned to work smoothly.

8. I was able to publish OOTDMYANMAR April e-ZINE issue. It was late for a few days. He, he, he. I have a full time job! =p Thanks to all who were part of it! HERE IS THE LINK


9. A lot of collaborations coming up with OOTDMYANMAR. Wish us luck.

10. Despite the inconveniences, we are moving out to a new place. Finally, some privacy!

11. We attended the wedding of our good friend, Thandar. Everybody’s getting married!


12. We celebrated our good friend Jeff’s birthday.

IMG_5452 copy.jpg

13. We booked a quick trip to somewhere new!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis,  @r3sty and waiter.

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