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It’s July but still — June continuously haunts me. So before I finally say goodbye to all the crazy things June gave me, I would love to share the good and not so good things that happened to me last month. Now, are your ready for the crazy ride? Buckel up for a roller coaster ride!

  1. Cool sketch.

1zI got a portrait from a great artist and friend, Thant Thinzar.

  1. Happy father.

2Since my brothers and I are already working away from Baguio, we have difficulty going back to our hometown on special occasions —- especially me. But we were quite happy because we made our dad happy for his birthday & father’s day. We surprised him with 2 cakes for the two special occasions. He said it was his first time to have a cake with his name on it. So he didn’t want to eat the cakes —- sweet!

  1. Delicious recipe.

3Everytime I chat with my family, I always consider it something special. I always try to chat with them almost everyday. But this month, my mom taught me a recipe that Dennis’ and I enjoyed.

  1. Memorable house warming.

klWe moved to our new place last May. Since we were caught up with work, it took us atleast 2 months to fix our place and invite our friends over.

  1. Trendy issue.


Another successful issue for OOTDMYANMAR e-ZINE.

Make sure to check out the e-zine for your tablet, desktop, laptop and phone at…/…/5_2017_june_issue_ootdmyanmar_e-zin

Download at…

  1. Challenging hospitalization.


Dennis was hospitalized because he had a heart attack. This was the most difficult experience we had in Myanmar. Since our families are away I had to do everything. I had sleepless nights and stressful days. But we were quite lucky to have our support system from our Filipino friends, work mates, and Burmese friends. Also to the doctors and nurses in Yangon General Hospital, thank you!

Despite that, we were still thankful that Dennis had a successful operation. At least he didn’t have any stroke or something. Let’s move forward!

July, I’m ready for you.



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