When you are enjoying life to the fullest you will never keep track of the time. It seems that time is passing so fast. Like the other months, August felt the same —fast, challenging and memorable.


I cannot deny the fact that I had sad moments for August. Like, I wasn’t able to attend the burial of my grandmother, we had some family issue mishaps, and so much more that — I wouldn’t dare to talk about anymore. But the good thing about these challenges? Atleast, I’ve learned from them and I’m finally moving forward.

So here I am again, sharing the things I’m thankful for August.

1. 2 months have passed and I’m quite happy that Dennis’ is still continuously recovering well from his surgery. We just had his follow up check up and all his diagnostic tests are within normal range.1.jpg

2. We celebrated Dennis’ 48th birthday with our friends in Yangon. PS. I made a cake and balloon for him with the wrong age. Ha, ha, ha, at least it was younger. =)Untitled-2.jpg

3. I was happy that I was invited in 3 events this month. However, I wasn’t able to attend to one event because of our tight schedule.3.jpg

4. JADE is finally getting comfortable with us. She now knows how to go to the toilet, kiss us, and knows when we are going somewhere.She has her own FB & @ourbrownpoodle now. Check it out. =)Untitled-14.jpg

5. AUGUST issue for OOTDMYANMAR eZINE was on time, it was uploaded 11:59 PM. Ha, ha, ha. You may read it here: OOTD MYANMAR e-ZINE AUGUST ISSUE4.jpg

6. We started our 9 days novena at St. Anthony de Padua with our great friends, Orlen and Jeff. We are now on our 8th day.9.jpg

8. We concluded 3 activities for three different classes in our class.10.jpg

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis

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