Wondering why I wore my leather jacket despite the heat in Yangon? Well, the truth is — my leather jacket started to mold.

And it’s one of the expensive (on my budget) pieces in my closet.

The last time I wore it was last year of August! Can you imagine that? I was so alarmed that I wore it so that it could breath from my narrow closet.

Wondering why I don’t let it go? Well, leather jackets are staples. You could pair it with almost everything!

I use it personally and sometimes use it for my shoots too.


But this time I wore it in an event, but I was already late because I had to shoot that day. At least I got some great photos right?

L1.jpgLEAT1.jpgL6.jpgL2 copy.jpgL4.jpgL3L2.jpg

That’s it!




White Button Down & Leather Jacket (H&M). Toggle Necklace (NAMI). Belth (ONESIMUS). Tailored Trousers (UNIQLO). Shoes (REGATTA). Backpack (Kenzo x H&M)

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