Last September, I was able to go home for a quick vacation. I didn’t let the opportunity pass by so I went to Baguio.

Baguio is a special place for me. Besides from growing up there, I love every detail in Baguio — even the imperfect ones.

I had sleepless nights in my stay in Baguio. I barely slept!

We landed in Manila at 8:00 PM. Due to the heavy traffic, we got in Cubao Bus Terminal at 1:30 AM. If it wasn’t for Luigi, we will be riding the 4:00 AM bus. Thank God, he booked the 2:00 AM bus ahead.

We arrived in Baguio at 8:00 AM. I rested for few hours. Then, forced my brother to shoot for me. After the shoots, I visited my relatives, met with my friends and bonded with my family.

Let me share/recall my experiences with you in detail, so you’ll have a bit of a feeling why I keep coming back in Baguio.

1.Bonding with my family.


My parents and sister are living in Baguio, while my 2 brothers are working in Manila. And every time I go home to the Philippines, we make sure that we bond.

I was able to bond with my family somehow. We went to church, visited the grave of our family members, and ate as a family. For my first night, our family had dinner together and it felt great to just chit chat with them.DSC00355.jpg

  1. Taking great OOTDs.

Every corner in Baguio seems so ‘instagrammable’. Because of that, I was able to shoot a lot of lookbooks with my brother Luigi. I also squeezed in some photo shoots for my magazine.

Check the issue here READ ME

b.jpgIMG_5702.jpgI was happy that I was able to share some of my knowledge to my brother. More than that, I was also able to bond with him. We were the best of enemies when we were kids and now — we are quite close.


  1. Visiting my Grandparents

Since Baguio is near Pangasinan about 3-5 hours via bus, I grabbed the opportunity to visit my late grandmother. I wasn’t able to attend to her funeral but I really promised her to visit her when I’m in the PH. So I kept my promise. I was also able to visit my grandfather too.


I was also able to pray to the church where I had my wishes granted. This time I just thanked God and Our Lady of Manaoag for their blessings to me.

And bonus to this was being table to chitchat with my 2 girlfriends along the way.f.jpg

  1. Catching up with my High school friends


After 4-5 years, I finally saw my High School friends. I was happy that I was able to meet some of them. It was quick but memorable. I was also delighted to see my super close friends after so many years. Special mention to Jess, Carlo, Harvey and Franc! A lot of things had happened between our lives and I’m really excited to hangout with them longer—— soon.

  1. Easy ACCESS

Compared to the awful traffic in Manila, in Baguio transportation is easy. You could either walk, get a cab, drive, or ride a jeepney without the traffic. It is not difficult to travel to the hospitals, malls, and restaurants.


With that, we took the opportunity for Dennis to have his check up – – – for a second opinion. Though we waited for hours not because of the traffic, it was worth the wait. We had some meds checked. And some tests to be done. We are happy that the doctors in Myanmar had the same impressions with our Cardio in Philippines.

  1. Paying tribute to my dead family members.


I was able to visit my grandparents and uncle on their graves. I always have chills when I visit them. They always make me realize to always spend time with my family.

  1. Wandering anywhere.

I was able to visit the tourist places I was dying to see in Baguio. Like the houses painted with colors. A lot of people said it wasn’t pretty. But still, I was amazed with it.


We also had the chance to visit the Good Shepherd. Their products were more expensive but it’s for a good cause. For every purchase, we are helping their scholars study for college.


  1. Eating my parents’ cooked foods.

Since Dennis and I are quite choosy with our foods, now. I had to remind my father to prepare foods with no/less salt and sugar. Despite that, my father cooked great foods for us. I really love his delicious dishes.m.jpg

  1. Going to the Public Market.

I like going to the Baguio Public Market not because I want to buy pasalubongs. But also, revisiting the place where I grew up always remind me to be grounded.n.jpg

  1. Bonding time with my college bestie.


I had a quick lunch with my bestie Eunice. I really appreciate Eunice always adjusting to my schedule. Our stories made us enjoy our lunch more. P.S. She still eats slow.

This time, I wasn’t able to meet Daisy, Melvin, and Bly because they were busy with their work. But it made me more excited to see them.

Its just 2 months before I see Baguio again. I can’t wait!

Thats’ it!




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