It’s January and I’m so excited to rock 2018!

1Z8A8937 copy.jpg

I might have neglected to post the last volume of the things I’m thankful for 2017.


I just decided to take a break and spend more time with my family. I also took the take time to think on how I could make this blog more inspirational.


While I’m putting those thoughts into reality here is a post on the things I’m grateful for 2017.

  1. Travel goals. Dennis and I were lucky enough to travel to 7 countries this year. (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore ,of course to some villages in Myanmar, and Japan.)
  2. Moved in to a new apartment. After 6 years, we finally moved into a private apartment.
  3. We have been working for 6 years in Myanmar. This year, we have accomplished so much with our work. We have atleast shared our knowledge and learned from atleast 300+ students.
  4. Dennis’ hospitalization. When Dennis was hospitalized last June it was the most challenging event that had happened to us in Myanmar. It was a wake up call for us! Now, he is recovering —- we go to the gym everyday, we are careful with our foods, he lost at least 10 kilos and counting!
  5. I was able to shop. I know this is superficial, but I was able to buy clothes from designer collaborations (namely TROYExSmyouth, JWANDERSONxUniqlo and ERDEMxhm). It’s just an indication for me to splurge once in a while. Thanks to my siblings and Dennis for making it possible.
  6. OOTDMYAMAR expanded from IG to an online magazine. Now we are with 100K followers in IG & 45K followers in Facebook. We were also thankful to collaborate with great brands like Bella, Springfield, D&C Myanmar, SK Jewels, Outdoor Myanmar, Food City, MDS Myanmar and so much more. For this year, we are more focused on inspiring people.
  7. Got a beautiful poodle. After Dennis had his heart attack, we decided to get Jade, our brown poodle. She is our first dog. And we couldn’t be more happier!
  8. Attended Pope Francis’ mass.
  9. MAM Awards with my Parents. Before the year ended we were happy to receive an award. Our film ‘Mga Dayo’ won the best Documentary in the 2017 Migration Advocacy and Media Awards. What made this award special for me was my parents being able to attend to this event with me. From Baguio, they travelled atleast 8 hours in Manila. I love you mom and dad!

1Z8A7554 copy

2017 wasn’t that perfect, but I was happy to experience all of the challenges that stood my way.  I hope you remain in my journey. I am always thankful for your support.

I wish you the best of 2018!1Z8A8929 copy.jpg

That’s it!




Specs (Sunnies). Scarf (Gift from Phyo and Naing Zaw). Pants (Onesimus). Shoes (WBrown).

Location: Diplomat Hotel, Baguio Philippines

Photos Credits to Luigi-John

Styling Assistant @ Johna-Mae



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