Traveling is always something I truly enjoy. In order to capture those special moments I use certain cameras. These cameras/gadgets help me make/create contents for my social medias. I may not be a legit travel blogger/vlogger but I want to share our travel gadget essentials.

IMG_4992 copy.jpg

a. Canon 5D Mark IV -Best for videos and IG photos.

b. HERO 6- Recently bought this and I’m starting to love it. It’s so good wide shots and its so easy to carry.

c. Zero Tech drone- This is a basic drone, it’s not as good as the DJ Phantom but it’s bearable.

d. Extra batteries for cameras and a lot of power banks.

e. Tripods.

f. I also use Canon 70 D.

g. iPhone x and iPhone SE.

g. Canon M3 got recently broken that’s why I bought HERO 6.

I’m currently contemplating of buying a new Sony camera because 5D is so heavy. Also, I don’t want to overuse our 5D because I use it on special projects.

Should I try Sony?

That’s it!



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