It’s been a year since I last uploaded a health blog. But today is the day where I’ll be sharing to you a health post. Currently, I just caught a cold here in Osaka. Probably because of the super cold weather. However, my inner nurse is here to the rescue.

So I’ll be sharing to you the ways on how I fight my colds.

1Z8A7635 copy.jpg

  1. Water- drink lots of water as much as you can!
  2. Oranges- have a lot of Vitamin C. As much as possible eat fruits!
  3. Tea & Turmeric- I usually add lemon and honey to my tea and turmeric. They don’t only give taste to my drink but they also have therapeutic effects.
  4. Vicks Inhaler- literally helps my clogged nose.
  5. Sanitizer- whenever I touch my nose I always wash my hands with sanitizer.
  6. Face Mask- protects me from more bacterias and also helps my nosetrils dilate. I don’t know what is the scientific reason behind it! Lol!
  7. Bonnet or Caps- I gotta keep my head warm!

Last but not the least is enough sleep. So I’ll be trying to rest now! Hopefully tomorrow my colds would go away. Hoping for the best.


That’s it!



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