I find myself inspired to write while I wait for my styling gig. A lot of you probably wondered why I suddenly stopped my daily blog. You might assume that I may just be busy. And may bombard you again with more than one post in a day— in the coming days just to catch up with my missed blogs.

I was also actually thinking of that. But I finally made up my mind ——I would stop doing my daily blogs! Why? To be honest, I don’t have the time to write. I’m too caught up with work. And sometimes I just tend to write for the sake of posting. I want to change that. I want to write sensible blogs that would touch people’s lives. I have realized this matter when I had a long vacation in Osaka. I saw some artist who doesn’t make things by quantity and they touched me — truly.

You might see my daily blog but I will do my best to share inspiring posts to you! But for now, I have to go!

That’s it!



Location:Osaka, Japan

Photos Credits:J.Dennis


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