Suit Up 2.jpg

It took me at least 2 hours to convince myself to write a blog. I don’t know whether I’m lazy or it’s just because of the rain. But whatever it is, at least here I am back to my love for blogging.

If the heat here in Yangon isn’t that crazy, I would definitely wear suits everyday! But, I have to face the reality that suits are very uncomfortable because of Yangon’s heat. Also, wearing suit everyday is quite costly & it also doesn’t suit my job.

However, when there are opportunity to wear suits I grab it. Like when we watched a theatre show in Osaka. I wore a blue flared tailored trousers with a blue coat. By the way, did you know that I got these pants and coat for free?

When Dennis and I were looking for kimonos, we saw a thrift store. We opted to buy in a thrift shop because we will just wear it once — for the sake of Instagram, lol! To go back to my story, while we were looking for kimonos I saw a coat and pants that I wanted to wear. So I asked the lady how much was it, she said it was free. I couldn’t believe it!  So, I asked again — she said it was free because it had some damages. Damages, that are not visible!

P.S. She also gave me an Ungaro silk scarf. What a luck guy right? But don’t worry we also got 3 kimonos from her which we paid — of course!

Anyways, here is the coat I purchased from the thrift shop. Yup, I didn’t wash it because she said she already washed it! Lol.

Suit Up 1.jpgSuit Up 5.jpgSuit Up 3.jpgSuit Up 6.jpgSuit Up 4.jpg

How are you feeling it?

That’s it!




Tee(UNIQLI).Coat & Pants (THRIFT). Sunglasses(SUNNIES). Shoes (PUMA).

Location: Dotonburi, Osaka

Photos Credits:J. Dennis


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