We have been in Myanmar for almost 7 years and we couldn’t deny the fact that this place taught us a lot things. Especially when we do our travels around Myanmar.

Recently, we were able to have a 3-days vacation. We decided to explore Bagan, Inle, and Pindaya. We wanted to travel around with my brother. So that he could explore Myanmar and take our photos — ha,ha,ha. Dennis and I have been in Inle and Bagan for a lot of times. However it was our first time to be in Pindaya. So I decided to blog about it first.

From Inle, we traveled atleast and hour and half  to Pindaya. Since we were foreigners we paid atleast 6 USD each. Then, in the Pindaya Cave we needed to pay 3 USD each. I was about to be spared because I look like a Burmese but still,I decided to pay.


We only had a short time in Pindaya so we just opted to visit the Pindaya Caves and just buy souvenirs for my brother.

The Pindaya cave is a pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists. This cave is in a limestone hill. The hill contains three caves however only one is open to the public. This cave that is about 150 meters long contains thousands of Buddha images in various styles. Currently, 9,000 buddha images are here and counting.

1Z8A0537 2.jpg

Before I start my postcards in Pindaya I would like to share the legend of the giant spider infront of the entrance. Local legend tells that once a giant spider lived in the cave. One day the spider captured a local Princess and held her captive in the cave. According to the legend, the Prince armed with bow and arrow killed the spider, thus rescuing the Princess. (

pINDAYA2.jpgpINDAYA9.jpgIMG_1519pINDAYA 4.jpgPINDAYA 7.jpgpINDAYA6.jpgpINDAYA 3.jpgLRG_DSC03911X.jpgpINDAYA8.jpgpINDAYA12.jpgpINDAYA 10.jpgpINDAYA13.jpgpINDAYA 10.jpgA.jpg

If you have any questions about our trip just leave a comment below. =)

That’s it!



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