As a person who loves fashion I get my inspiration from everyone and everything. So everytime I travel, I always scroll thru instagram and get inspired from my favorite fashionistas on what should I wear.


Who are they? Well, since I’m a Filipino most of my fashion inspirations are BJ Pascual, Andre Judd Chang and of course David Guison.

The thing I love about @andrejuddchang is his maximalist style. I love how he makes local brands look up par with international brands. I also am inspired with his love for prints and bold colors. He’s the reason why I support local brands in Philippines and here in Myanmar.

Another one is @davidguison I love the fact that he already found his style. But mind you, I also love his old style — when he was in college. I was always inspired from his looks back then. Now that I have matured, he made me realize that fit is the key. I love how he wears tailored trousers and I have to admit it he is the reason why I’m more into tailored trousers now.

But my look for today was most likely inspired from my super favorite @bjpascual. I love the way he styles himself. A statement tee, highwaisted pants and some awesome leather shoes is his trademark look — I think. I love his 90’s vibe and everytime I see his OOTD’s I always get inspired!

So that’s what I did for my look.

Beat it5.jpg

So in case your reading this BJ Pascual — I just want to say your effin awesome!

Also hi to DG & Andre please inspire us more!


b3.jpgBeat it4Beat it2.jpgBeat it6.jpg

By the way, who are your fashion inspirations?

That’s it!




Tee(SMYOUTH).Sunnies (JAPAN). Trousers (UNIQLO).Shoes (H&M). 


Photos Credits:J. Dennis

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