Hello! As usual, I have been caught up with taking care of our babies, work, and more work. So it’s almost been a month since I last blogged. It’s embarrassing — but thanks for patiently waiting for my blog.

This time, I’ll be writing the things I’m thankful for the months of June and July.

  1. The Voice styling ended successfully.

This was my first styling for a singing show!2t.jpg

  1. Highschool friends toured Yangon.

Always happy to show Myanmar around.3t.jpg

  1. Completed Digital Marketing Course.

Definitely learned a lot!4t.jpg

  1. Got some fashion projects.5t.jpg
  1. Happy to see Dennis’ success for his play for Virgin Lab Fest.

In addition to this, I was able to meet my theatre friends as well.61.jpgt7.jpg

  1. We finally bought a house.

Halfway thru the payment! It’s our goal to pay it in full before the year ends!t8.jpg

  1. Spent time with my family

I’ll be blogging about my breakup with social media for 3 days — my family was the reason.t9.jpg

  1. Executive check up was all normal.

Was super anxious about this.t10.jpg

  1. Signed a new contract.

Right timing, because we just got a house. Lol!T12.jpg10. Finally bought a new dog. 

So that Jade wouldn’t be so sad. His name is Jude! He’s naughty compared to Jade!


That’s it!



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