Social media has been taking over my life for the past 5 years. Whether it is personal or work related – – – it eats my time! Believe it or not, I spend at least 3-5 hours a day, updating my social medias, getting inspirations, doing my office work and answering emails.

I have to admit, it drains me so much! So when I had the opportunity to spend quality time with my family I opted to skip the social media.

I have to say — it was worth it! It was a great 3 days break. Why? I was able to spend time with my family without looking at my phone and having the urge to post.

Nothing really changed.

  1. My father still wanted to cook breakfast like he always does. There was even a point that he over cooked and alarm went on in the condo where my siblings were renting. Thank God, they waved the penalty.


  1. We still farted in front of each other as we shared stories. We were still obviously comfortable with each other.


*pose lol!

  1. We still laughed at my father, as he gets drunk ahead of us and do some funny things.


  1. We never had second thoughts in treating each other. Money wasn’t really an issue for us despite its limitation.


  1. Christ was still in the center of our lives.


Being away with your family entails a lot of sacrifice. But when you have the opportunity to spend time with them — do it! Remember that your parents aren’t getting younger.

Work. Pause. Live.

That’s it!


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