My August was spent in Myanmar and in the Philippines. It was a mixture of work, leisure, and work.

I love the fact that most of the time my work feels like leisure and honestly time always flies so fast. So as 2018 is about to bid goodbye— I could say that somehow I’m finally finding my comfort zone. From those useless insecurities, to being comfortable own style and just discovering my purpose in life.

On that note, I believe that my purpose in life is to inspire and move people in a good way. So here I am sharing to you the things I’m grateful for August.

1. I had my first styling gig for a CD cover.1.jpg

2. Dennis’ Medical check up turned out well.2.jpg

3. My Kiki Challenge video had atleast 10k views. Lol3.jpg


4. We toured our second family (Myanmar) in the Philippines.4.jpg

5. I was able to spend time with my family in Baguio.6.jpg

6. Dennis’ celebrated his 49thbirthday!Untitled-8.jpg

7. Dennis’ show was successful! (Gee Gee at Waterina)Untitled-10.jpg

8. I was able to see the National Museum in Manila.9.jpg

9. I was able to catch up with my brothers and I had quick photo shoot with Luigi. Lol!a9.jpg

10. Our brown poodles are finally getting along with each other.Untitled-1l.jpg

See you later, gotta attend visit the church to say thanks.

Have a great September!

That’s it!



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