Before 2018 ended, Dennis and I decided to climb the mountains of Yangbew to see the last sunrise of 2018. Climbing up the mountains at 4 AM gave me the best time to reflect. Reflect on what I want to achieve for 2019.Blog1h.jpg

For the past years, I was really materialistic. This year, I guess I’ve matured — wisdom builds as you focus on long-term happiness.

So, here are my goals and resolutions this 2019.

  1. Focusing on living a healthy life.

From foods, activities, relationships and spirituality!Blog1j.jpg

  1. Being humble.

Despite all the achievement/s I would be able to get — my father always say “keep grounded.”blog1i.jpg

  1. Not caring about what would people say.

You cannot please everybody! Focus on the individuals who loves and accepts you!Blog1e.jpg

  1. Spending more time with my loved-ones.

We are not getting any younger.Blog1B.jpg

  1. Inspiring people.

At first, I created my social accounts because I wanted to be famous. But, I have realized — it wasn’t what I wanted. I create contents on my social medias because I want to inspire people and touch their lives in a positive way.Blog1c.jpg

  1. Grabbing every opportunity I can.

I was always afraid to go out of my comfort zone, however, I am going away from that. I would like to grab and create every opportunity I can. To improve, inspire and make a difference.Blog1d.jpg

Like any other climb there were obstacles from this journey. We forgot to bring water, we were carrying our poodles, it was drizzling (so the road was slippery), and it was also so cold! But, despite these difficulties — getting at the top of the mountain and seeing the sunrise was a beautiful and worthwhile journey!


I wish you a great 2019 ahead of you!

That’s it!




Tee (DNA MYANMAR). Denim Pants (NOBODY JEANS). Beanie & Fanny Pack (SM ACCESSORIES). Shoes (W.BROWN).

Location: Mt. Yangbew, La Trinidad

Photos Credits: Luigi-John

Camera: Canon 5D Mark-IV

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