I really couldn’t wait to edit and post my travel vlog to Chiang Mai. However, our hard drive crashed and some of out travel files were gone — including our Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur trips.  Wasn’t that sad?

But, on the bright side, I’m still lucky enough to have some footages left on my phone.  Because of that, I could still share bits of our beautiful experience.

After a few years, we visited Chiang Mai again. But, this time, we were able to join their famous Lighting Festival. On top of that, we also enjoyed fun activities!

Here were the highlights of our trip:

  1. Chill time at Bupatara House


We were booked at Bupatara House, a boutique hotel.  This was our second stay here.  And surprisingly, we got the same room as before!


  1. The staff were really kind to us, from the front desk to the room cleaner to the pool attendant.
  2. The hotel had many Instagrammable spots.
  3. We had healthy and yummy food choices for breakfast.
  4. They offered cheap(er) tour packages.
  5. The hotel was strategically and centrally located, allowing us to be stone-throw away from the convenience stores and scenic spots.


  1. An exciting day with the elephants at the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary


We really don’t support elephant shows anymore. So, we opted to go for a different experience with elephants. Instead of watching them do stunts, we literally bathed and fed them.  We also played with them. It was a really fun experience!


  1. A quick visit at the White and Blue Temples


Make sure to be there early so you can take better photos. He, he.

P.S. It’s better to book a tour to go to these places because they are quite far from Chiang Mai’s city proper.


  1. Buy books

Go around and find one of those wonderful bookstores.  They sell second hand books.  The price is definitely a bargain!


For this trip, we didn’t shop for clothes — just books. LOL!

  1. Café hopping


There are a lot of cafes in Chiang Mai.

But don’t miss out Fact Café — and take your Instagrammable photos. And, of course, order your café latte, too!


  1. Eat!


Like Bangkok, Chaing Mai offers a lot of cheap food choices that you will truly relish.


  1. Pad Thai
  2. Mango Ice Cream
  3. Khao Soi Noodles
  4. Thai Tea


  7.  A relaxing massage


We actually had massage every day.  LOL! It was affordable and rejuvinating!


  1. Experience the Lighting Festival


Getting in the venue was insane!  Why?  Our tour operation messed up everything and didn’t fulfill what they promised.  But, we didn’t allow them to spoil our time. In the end, we had a beautiful, unforgettable experience!

Honestly, I like Chiang Mai more compared to Bangkok (except, of course, Bangkok has better shopping choices).  Chaing Mai is charming, quiet, and less intimidating.

Visit Chiang Mai if you want to have a slow-paced yet fun-filled vacation.

Have you been to Chiang Mai?  If you did, what were the activities you enjoyed?

If you haven’t and you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, you may ask me questions.

That’s it!




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