I always feel that a pair of denims pants is like a good piece of watch — it’s classic. You can style it in a lot of ways. And with the perfect pair of denim pants, you will look cool and fashionable. But sometimes, wearing the same denims jeans aesthetic may turn out to be boring.  Avoid that.

Here is a list of recommendations:

  1. Oversized denims

I was afraid to rock this because I felt that it would make me shorter. But the trick here is to pair it with the right to and shoes!3.jpg

  1. Deconstructed denims

I love unconventional denims pants that mix trendy styles, from tattered, flared and hanging combos.IMG_6696.jpg

  1. Tattered denims

If you want to show your rough side, then, this should help!IMG_6697.jpg

  1. Skinny denims

I’m avoiding this type because I feel constrained and uncomfortable. I use it when I can wear it only for few hours.IMG_6627

  1. Black denims

What I love about black denims is that, on photos, they can give the illusion that it’s a tailored trousers. On that note, you can match it with casual pieces.2.jpg 

You can also try straight cut, flared and grey denims.




There goes my list. What’s your favorite type of denims pants?

That’s it!



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