The last time I celebrated my birthday in Baguio, with my family, was eight years ago. So, when we had the opportunity to go home to the Philippines last February, I was ecstatic.

I was happy because, finally, I could celebrate my birthday with the people who matter to me. I opted for the celebration to be simple and intimate.

Here’s what I did:

9AM                     Went to the cemetery to visit my dearly departed relatives.IMG_6720.JPG

9:30AM                Visited the church.IMG_6721.JPG

10AM                   Went to the public market.IMG_6722.JPG

12PM                   Rested at home.

3PM                     Fetched my sister from her school.IMG_6723.JPG

6PM                     Birthday bash with my family and friends.IMG_6725.JPGIMG_6724.JPG55759809_10155793239591058_3597237575158333440_n.jpg

PS. I’m happy because I was able to celebrate it with my Aunt Estrel. But at the same time, I feel so sad that it’s going to be the last time. 

10PM                   Went to the bus station to go back to Manila.

My birthday celebration was quite short but it was meaningful.

Thanks to my family, friends, and Dennis!




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