We spent atleast 2 days just sleeping and eating at our hotel when we stayed in Phuket however for our last 2 days we decided to tour around. For the first tour we opted to snorkel and visit the beaches of Phuket. The beaches were indeed beautiful but it was too crowded, but kudos to Thai people because they have sustained the cleanliness of their beaches.

From the center of Phuket we needed to travel via ship to go around the beaches it took us at least 1 hour for our first stop.

We snorkelled at the middle of beach. It was difficult for Dennis because his vest was too small. So I ended up enjoying it alone, but he was there to take photos for me. =)

After snorkeling we went to Phi Phi Island to eat lunch and rest before we head back to the center area.

When we arrived back to our hotel we just rested for a while then headed towards the mall to eat dinner.

For our last day in Phuket, we mostly went on famous landmarks.
First stop was in Karon View Point, where you will see the overlooking view of Phuket.

Then, we went to Keree View for the Elephant riding. But we opted to just sit and take photos with the elephants because we have been riding elephants couple times. =)

Then, the highlight of the tour — for me was the ‘Big White Buddha’ in Phuket. Even though the site was under renovation I loved her beauty.

After the Big Buddha we went to the other temples.

Then went to the Bee house which was like a sponsored tour, lol.

Can you spot Queen Bee?

Then went to the zoo — to eat lunch, watch elephant, monkey and crocodille show.

That’s how our journey ended in Phuket!

Next travel post is all about Laos! =)

That’s it!



Photos Credits to J.Dennis & Me


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